Spring Training at Physiology First University-Week One-Day 3

Our running warmup borrows from the excellent work of top sprint coach Derek Hanson.

Use the 16 minute run to get familiar with your capacity to push the limits of aerobic development while recovering in each 45 second window.

Take the sprint session at a mellower, biomechanics focused pace, especially if you haven’t been sprinting for a while. 60–70% effort. We have all season to build speed. Maintain nasal breathing on the 20m efforts and walk back to the start each time.



Tabata: Bear plank

Feet supported on wall. Shoulders and wrists stacked. Focus on controlling your breath. 20 seconds on. 10 seconds off. 8 rounds.


3x8 bicep curls. 3x8 tricep extension.

Tomorrow is a rest day! Breathe, move, and join our live heart rate variability session at 7:30am EST on the Physiology First University platform!

David, Lex, and the Physiology First University Team



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