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2 min readMar 18, 2022

Spring Training at Physiology First University: Week One-Day 4

This is a cycle that you’ll see every Friday morning for the Spring season. It will be accompanied by a sprint workout beginning in mid-April.

Dr. Andrew Huberman shared a study regarding exercise protocols for optimal testosterone production. The following work to rest ratio was found to be best for hormonal output. We’ve been putting it to the test every Friday for the past training season and it’s one of our absolute favorites from a mental and physical perspective.

Listen to a phenomenal podcast interview with Dr. Huberman and Duncan French for more details!

Begin with a dynamic workout that gets your heart rate up and amps up the nervous system!

We use plyometrics, med ball throws, and even some hypoxic work (breath hold training) to create the neurological drive to make the most out of each training session.

A.) Choose two lifts. An upper body lift (bench, incline bench, overhead press) and a lower body lift (squat, deadlift) and perform 6 sets of 10 reps.

Rest two minutes between sets. (We often alternate between the upper and lower body exercises, cutting the rest to one minute. This saves time, but may impact the overall hormonal stimulus in the adverse. We’re still exploring this through literature and practice and will update the program as we adapt it ourselves. Currently, people are seeing great results and loving this power packed 12 minute strength training cycle!

B.) Choose 3 -5 exercises to perform sets of 10. As the program progresses choose to either a.) add weight to the 3x10 or b.) add reps until you reach 3x15.

Enjoy and expect a full body, fun workout with lot’s of movement variability tomorrow!

David, Lex, and the Physiology First Team

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