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Spring Training at Physiology First University: Week One-Day 2

This workout starts with a calf preparation and injury prevention sequence we call the Antifragile Calf Matrix.

Perform a dynamic warmup of your choice first (Bear crawl, crab walk, high skip, walking lunges, leg swings, med ball throws…keep it spicy and keep it FUN!)

Take this cycle easy for the first several weeks, you can even replace jumps with calf raises and build up from there.

B.) Alternating Dumbbell Incline Bench. 3x8. Choose a weight that you can theoretically perform 9–12 reps with.

In between rounds perform 4 push-ups off of a bench or box or the floor where you work to get a little bit of air time!

C.) The kettlebell crossover to step up begins with the kettlebell tucked in one hip as you stand in a staggered stance.

Left foot forward = kettlebell in right hip and vice versa. As you step up to a box or bench with the back leg, bring the kettlebell to your opposite shoulder. M

Repeat for 20 seconds on one leg, then rest for 10 seconds. Sprint while slowly exhaling for 20 seconds, resting as needed. Repeat, alternating legs, for a full 4 minutes.

D.) Use dumbbells or a barbell for hang cleans and substitute a running sprint, jump rope, or any cardio equipment if you don’t have a ski erg or rower. Maintain nasal nasal for this 10 minute workout.

E.) Abs and Arms:

Abs: 3 sets of 30 bicycle crunches. Alternate arms to leg reach so that left hand reaches towards right foot and vice versa. Do not crane neck. Keep it neutral and shoot reaching arm across the body to connect with opposite foot.

Arms: 3x8 overhead dumbell press. 3x8 rear delt raise. 3x8 lateral delt raise.

Enjoy and get ready for a short, cardio focused workout tomorrow!

David, Lex, and the Physiology First University Team



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