Physiology First Ambassador Academy: Day 6

Today’s lesson includes a longer video and a shorter description.

The key to getting started, feeding the need in your community, and making an impact is to START!

The barrier to starting is to assume that more complexity is needed when it is just the opposite that is true.

Complexity is a cop out. We literally could not be too simple when it comes to physiology based mental health education.

Most people have never thought about their breathing, their brain, or the stress and anxiety response of the body as something that can actively control.

Ambassador Academy Assessment: Come up with a name for your first “pop-up” campus. Think SIMPLE. We’ll share words that have worked in our community at this Friday’s live workshop.

Here’s the link to our 20 minute breathing audio program again:

Feel free to join us live on Thursday mornings at 7:30am to practice these breathing sessions with us!

Take a second to reflect on the fact that you already have a set of skills and knowledge that can benefit people in your neighborhood in a powerful way. We’re here to guide you through the process of putting those skills into action to make an IMPACT!

Hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to seeing you soon!




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