Daily Brain Freeze: 10/13

Being in the Ukraine to represent Physiology First University this week has got me thinking about the cultural infrastructure that our species has found optimal for mental health-and how cultural the concept of mental health is as a result.

In countries and communities where social connection and human bonding is higher, rates of anxiety, depression, and declining mental health are, unsurprisingly, lower.

Yet, in communities and cultures where social infrastructure is lacking we label people who may be responding in the most human possible way to the lack of a critical need being fulfilled as “mentally ill.”

That’s devastating.

Instead of posting a Physiology First in Action workout today I’m going to share an alternative idea for a social exercise-pick a workout that you liked and invite a friend, family member, or community member to repeat it with you.

Our goal for Physiology First University is to create a decentralized approach to learning about our minds, bodies, and brains-together.

Today’s exercise is an AWESOME place to start!



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