Spring Training at Physiology First University: Day 7

Choose the same RDL weight as last week and work to add 2 reps.

For the jump rope skips, work to maintain a 10 second nasal inhalation and a ten second nasal exhalation throughout the 3 minutes. Rest as needed and modify the cadence if necessary😤

Use the ten second rear in the goblet squat Tabata to transition into a bear plank-a good test of athleticism and breath control!

Pick a heavy kettlebell for the swings and focus on power output for both swings and cals. Calories can be on bike, rower, ski erg, or a 20m sprint outdoors.

Abs: 2 sets of 50 flutter kicks

Arms: 3x10 lateral raise

Enjoy and let us know how it goes!!

David, Lex, and Physiology First



Spring Training at Physiology First University-Day 6

Use the same weight for the incline bench as you chose in week one. The goal is now 10 reps instead of 8.

The Everest mountain climber is a mountain climber performed while exhaling. Maintain nasal breathing throughout the 4 minute Tabata warmup, exhaling during mountain climbers and not on the sprints.

Use the conditioning ladder to practice maintaining nasal breathing under higher work loads.

Arms: 3x10 curls, 3x10 press. 3x10 rear delt.

Abs: 2x50 bicycle crunch. Same instructions as day 2. Don’t crane neck-work to rotate and reach across the body, palm to sole of opposite foot.


David, Lex, and Physiology First



Spring Training at Physiology First University: Day 5

Added a quick explainer video to this one!

Choose a dumbbell weight that you can use for all 4 movements in part C.

If you’re looking for a little extra spice add the following between each 2 minute round.

100m row or run

50 jump rope skips

Sled pull/push 40 feet each way

Abs: Repeat Foam Roller Tabata from day one

20 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. 8 rounds.

Arms: 3x8 athletes choice of 3 upper body exercises.

Enjoy and congratulations on finishing the first training week!

David, Lex, and the Physiology First Team



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